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Privacy Policy

News Global Hub is fully committed to protect the privacy of all visitors to its website.

Personal Information

News Global Hub does not collect or save any personal information.

We do not place cookies on the computers of visitors to our site.

We will not disclose any personal information to any third party for any reason.

We do not maintain any databases storing any personal information about our visitors.

Since we do not maintain any personal information about our visitors, we will never send you any advertisements .

Aggregate Information

News Global Hub uses a web statistics program to track aggregate usage of this site.  This program is used to enable us to improve and expand the site.  It does not allow us to personally identify individual users to the site.

News Global Hub does not provide any aggregate information to third parties concerning visitors .


News Global Hub runs advertisements to help support the site.  Our advertisers may use technology such as cookies and web beacons when providing advertisements to our site.  This technology will send them information such as the browser you are using to visit our site, and possibly other information. This is generally used to help them target ads to you based on your geographic location or based on your interests according on your browsing history.

You can choose to disable or selectively turn off cookies by altering your browser settings or by managing settings in your internet security program.  This can, however, affect how you are able to interact with some websites.   This may include requiring you to manually login each time you visit ecommerce sites, forums, as well as certain other sites.

Advertisements are provided by our Advertisers and are governed by their privacy policy .
News Global Hub does not have access to any of the information collected by our Advertisers.

External Web Links

News Global Hub contains thousand links to the global news web sites.

Once an News Global Hub user clicks on one of these external links, they have left the News Global Hub web site.  The privacy policy of News Global Hub no longer applies.

Some of these web sites may have privacy policies which differ from those of News Global Hub and which users may find to be unsatisfactory.  News Global Hub takes no responsibility for the privacy policies of these sites.  It is strictly the responsibility of the user to examine the suitability of their privacy policies.

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