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About News Global

News Global Hub is a directory of links to online news sources from around the world.

From anywhere around the Globe you can watch your local TV stations of your country.

It is organized on a geographical basis.

It contains links to newspapers and other sites with news content such as broadcast stations, internet services, magazines, and press agencies.

Please note that News Global Hub does not contain any actual news content.  It only contains links to news sources.

News Global Hub does not control the content of the news sites that are listed in our directory.  Consequently, any concerns about the content of any news site should be sent directly to that site.

News Global Hub is oriented to those who are comfortable working in the English language.  Nevertheless, those with little or no grounding in English should still be able to use all of its basic features.

In addition to adding new content to the site, News Global Hub constantly works at verifying the accuracy of existing content.

We are continually attempting to improve this site.  We greatly appreciate your feedback and comments at planet [at]

This page is only available in English. But you use any software to translate it. If you don't see your Country TV stations here, please contact us.

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